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ISYSWAY Refund & Return Policy

ISYSWAY would like to help ensure that you have an outstanding purchasing experience with us. Please familiarize yourself with our refund policy described below. Additionally, always confirm that the products you have selected are compatible with your device and/or operating system. If a free trial or demo is available, please consider trying the software before buying in order to experience it first hand and ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.
If your purchase experience is less than optimal, please contact ISYSWAY Customer Service so that we can assist you with a resolution. We will make every reasonable attempt to resolve any issues you may have with your application purchase.
If your initial ISYSWAY Customer Care request or refund was received by us within 30 days of your original purchase date, you used or attempted to use the application for its intended purpose and we have been unable to resolve your request within 10 business days of receipt of your request, then we may (in our sole discretion), issue you a refund for the full product purchase price if you experienced one or more of the following issues:

We regret that we are unable to provide refunds for:

Please note that a refund request does not guarantee a refund.ISYSWAY Customer Care will make every reasonable attempt to resolve your request in accordance with this policy before any refund request is considered.
All refunds will be issued in the same form of payment as the original purchase. By receipt of a refund, the purchaser agrees to remove and delete the software, all of its components, any registration codes, and fully downloaded versions from the device and/or computer. All refunds are final and shall serve as the sole remedy for any claims relating to the purchase, download, use or inability to use the ISYSWAY software application(s), unless law otherwise prohibits such limitation.
In a few jurisdictions, certain terms of this Refund Policy may not be applicable. In such instances, ISYSWAY reserves the right to modify the terms of this Policy as necessary to comply with applicable laws and/or regulations.
Contacting ISYSWAY
If you have any questions about this  Policy, you may contact ISYSWAY in the following ways: Mail Us: