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Al-Quran (Free)
Holy Quran browser

The Best App to browse the Holy Quran, Al-Quran (free) has an elegant style and exclusive benefits, including Othomani font similar to that of the printed Quran

Free Book Discovery
Book Search Engine

Find Books you want easily by Free Book Discovery, You can download it with one click 

Job Search Engine

Finding suitable Jobs become very easy via JobSpot, It search for you on several sites and return with 20 job, List jobs contains job location and the date of the job posting

Translation Memory Database

An easy and simple application that puts in your hands millions of sentences and a professional manual translation for them 

Mind Map Finder
Mind map Search Engine

Mind Map Finder is a search engine for mind maps on any field, then you can open a mind map on full screen and it with Pinch Zooming, there is an option to share the mind map via WhatsApp, Messenger, Email

Quranic Paintings
Display a wonderful Quranic paintings

The application contains 300 Quranic paintings with the explanation of the Ayah(or part of the Ayah) by clicking on it 

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